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Telephone   07932 716988
  • Calton Hill
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Victoria Street
  • Scottish National Gallery
  • Princes Street Gardens
  • The Royal Mile
  • Holyrood Park
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Edinburgh Self-Catering Holiday Apartments : News & Offers

Extended Vacation Stay, Gap Year and Sabbaticals

Pillowstops is able to offer holiday apartments in Edinburgh for extended vacation stays, gap year travel periods and sabbaticals.

So if you would like to come to Edinburgh for an extended stay of one, two or three months or more why not get in touch and we can see if we are able to assist.

Really get to feel like a resident of Edinburgh by living in the City Centre and also have the time to explore the rest of Scotland and the UK using Edinburgh as your homebase.

For further information please email us with the dates you would like to stay in Edinburgh on stay@pillowstops.co.uk or phone Derek on 0044 (0)7932 716988

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